fema cost estimating

FEMA Cost Estimating Services

An accurate cost estimate is often the difference between success and failure of the disaster recovery process. The correct estimate helps position organizations to make better planning decisions based on real-time, valuable data. When empowered with this knowledge, these types of business choices are made on educated analysis and fact. This provides a much more powerful position to make the right choices and to avoid the serious loss of time and money.

As part of the FEMA cost estimating process, BBS Technical Services utilizes detailed cost estimating resources and software such as RS Means®, PlanSwift® or CostWorks®, to provide an accurate cost estimate.

Typically, all of our estimates include a summary breakdown of costs by CSI Division and a detailed cost breakdown for individual items of construction. Estimates include architectural, electrical, & mechanical. If requested, detailed cost estimates will be developed using the FEMA Cost Estimating Format (CEF)

FEMA Cost Estimating Services Include;

  • Quantity Survey/Material Take-off
  • Statement of Probable Cost Estimates
  • Construction Operations Planning & Project Scheduling
  • “Fair and Reasonable” Cost Evaluations, If Necessary

RS Means Estimating

BBS Technical Services’ cost estimating consultants are equipped to provide proactive consulting services utilizing the most up to date construction management data and technology. RS Means™ is one of the many tools BBS Technical Services’ consultants use in communicating, planning and analyzing a project’s scope and cost.

RS Means™ is an industry standard construction index and data provider. BBS Technical Services’ cost estimating experts can integrate your project’s quantities with RS Means cost data to provide an accurate, timely and cost-effective picture of your project’s potential cost.